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Applejux – Science teaching is so theoretical… (Arvind Gupta + Eduard Muntaner)

My science skills have always been poor. I didn’t manage to get my brain any excited about learning science while I was in school. I don’t remember doing experiments or learning much by doing things at school. Such a pity. I was keen on Lego, computers, basic electronic instruments and toy tinkering… But none of these were in school. Such a pity. I didn’t start understanding the surface of the beauty and complexity of evidence and science since later in life, maybe in university, maybe somewhere else. Probably somewhere else.

I have tried to offer my students the A in STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) for the last 20 years. My lack of science knowledge has been inspired by people like Arvind Gupta and Eduard Muntaner who have been able to ignite curiosity and communicate their passion and ease for science fundamentals. Sharing knowledge honours you.

Arvind and Eduard’s speech snippets included in this episode of “Música per reflexionar” are extracted from their recent conversation for the STEAMConf in Barcelona 2020, organised by Sokotech and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Watch all the videos of the conference here.

Before leaving, you should check Arvind’s awesome website, specially if working with children and are aware of the power of play; and Eduard’s website, a true humanist whose fingers play several culture keys.

Music included by: Solar Quest, Simon & Garfunkel, Lionrock, Carl Tjader, Recue, Virgin Magnetic Material, The dining rooms, Diana Krall (Looks like the subject in this episode made me jump back in time…)

Música per reflexionar...
Música per reflexionar...
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Construint coneixement amb música diferent. El podcast musical dispers, reflexiu i eclèctic d’en cHristian Negre i Walczak.

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