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Improve ESL kids’ Speaking with Game Based Learning Strategies

#APACautumn sessions were dedicated to CLIL, STEAM and Gamification
#APACautumn sessions were dedicated to CLIL, STEAM and Gamification

Professional development events organised by teachers are usually very good. I have been collaborating with the APAC for several years now and the team behind it is supreme. If you somehow teach anything related to English in Catalunya or even Spain, you should follow them and book their events. This last Saturday was a 10 hour long (yes, I thought what you are now), sequence of talks, workshops and moments to chill and chat with other teachers. I was there for the first 5 hours and got a nice list of ideas and “to do” projects. I also gave a workshop about applying Game Based Learning strategies to help kids remeber vocabulary and expressions and improve their learning experience. Audio included.

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