Justin Moore & Applejux Audiovisual Ensemble – Distant Homes

It’s not the first time I collaborate with artists. I have been publishing mixtapes online since early 2000’s. A few years ago I discovered Justin Edward Moore, a young artist from Michigan. He had been listening to my stuff since I first started broadcasting live for a swiss netradio. Without knowing this story, I had been “liking” Justin’s publications on Instagram, specially those hand drawn colourfull abstract sketches which now are part of this Audiovisual Ensemble. Justin and me decided to try and work/play together. This is the first product. Who knows, we may have time and interest in doing something else.

“Distant Homes” is a three part trip inspired by Justin’s artwork. Each mp3 audio track includes 7 artwork pieces. You may recognise some of the songs in this mixtape. While videoconferencing with Justin, it shocked me how much he remembered about the content of the mixtapes. I then listened to some of the old Applejux sessions and chose some of the songs which I have included in this one too.

The following list features the real authors of the sound and music used to create the audio of “Distant Homes”.




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