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“Edupunks go Digital Vikings” – a digital artifact for #edcmooc

After a few failed attempts (happy to be human!), I finally feel quite comfortable with my final Digital Artifact. It’s a short animation. Me and my conscience debate my creativity skills while winking to several topics featured in the course.

The Text-to-Speech tool in the Xtranormal service I used, can sound a bit weird so I posted the script just in case you don’t get any of the parts… You can also see other stuff related to the MOOC in this course farewell pos which highlights most of the topics I suggest in the digital artifact, (most of it is written in catalan, but google can go for a quick and crappy translation if you wish. Check the sidebard to do so).

You can also read the “Making of” post with extended ideas related to the creation process. Meanwhile and just before you press the play button, have a look at this tweet I posted in one of the #edcmchats sessions. It may have been responsible for my digital artifact:

are digital vikings the established version of edupunks? #edcmooc #edcmchat

Hope it doesn’t make you cry 😉

Want to see the script?

  • But, what were we talking about?
  • Are you kidding? I have been talking with you for minutes… What kind of conscience are you?
  • Sorry, I freezed for a moment… What did you say you were?
  • Not that I said anything, it wasn’t me, it was “Them” who made it up… Digital viking,  that’s the idea…
  • Who’s “them”?
  • The people doing this MOOC stuff I joined a few weeks ago.
  • MOOC, what’s that supposed to be?
  • Don’t you ever listen to me? MOOC stands for Massive Online Open Course. Mine’s titled: “eLearing and Digital Cultures”. There you are…
  • Impressive. And what’s that Digital bacons about?
  • Not bacons you fool, it’s vikings! Digital vikings are lifelong learners, knowledge yearners, education pioneers, fearless explorers…
  • Saying digital, I imagine they must be geek people then.
  • Not necessarily, some of my fellow students are really tech-savvy, but a large bunch are not. This is more about discovering, failing and retrying. Fearless, get it?
  • Huummm, that sounds quite edupunkish, doesn’t it?
  • Well, I’m not sure all MOOCs work the same, but I reckon this one has been quite edupunk. I mean, we had some suggested guidelines, but the approach to the content was personal and quite diverse. Even the final project was something open… Clever enough!
  • Oh, God! You aren’t going to start with the digital artefact story again, are you?
  • At least you know what I’m talking this time! The final assignment demanded high creativity…
  • And that is what you call creativity?
  • Well, i had started a few more ideas which will be published shortly in my blog, but yes, this is it. Others were too boring…
  • No, I don’t mean this animation, I mean that your are wearing.
  • Oh! No, this is the latest cutting-edge technology from Caveman City. It’s called underwear. Really comfortable for hunting. It keeps your parts steady. You should try them!
  • Nonsense! Bythe way, have you seen Amy Burwall’s latest videoclip? My timeline is on fire!
  • Let’s check it out! But, wait a second, why is it you,as my conscience, have a different voice?
  • No clue. You can google it later.
  • Good idea, as usual.

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