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The making of “Edupunks go Digital Vikings” – where did it come from? #edcmooc

After publishing my final assigment Digital Artifact for the eLearning and Digital Culture MOOC, I decided to try and provide a background of the creation process. These are some ideas I think are closely related:

Being quite a DIY fan and edupunk (check my retro gaming T-Shirts above), has made me experience somehow many of the topics suggested in the course. I also consider myself a tech-oriented fellow who likee to keep in touch with nature (I’m a newbie vegetable homegrower too!). I had also been closely related to the netaudio scene since its early stages so I’m familiar with Electronic and Experimental music, Creative Commons,  Open Culture, Copyleft and Sahring Economy.

Remix or mashup all these attitudes and you could get something like:

Q4: best MOOC experience has been to verify learning is rather hypertextual than lineal #edcmchat

I have always thought I was a creative person. People have been saying it to me for years, so I have end it up believing the words… But this digital artifact issue has been a struggling challenge indeed!

After dismissing some complex and boring ideas I came up with the dialogue script which was done after writing the Farewell Course post which tries to summarize most of the topics I found more interesting along the 4 weeks. The dialogue between me and my conscience highlights some of the conflicts discussed in the #edcmchat session, trying to add a humor perspective.

Tweet selection from my timeline which summarize the ideas behind my digital artifact:

  • @easegill i agree. I have had a great experiene struggling along with #edcmooc you only get pleasure after effort
  • may sound arrogant, but if the best you got from #edcmooc were the tools, I think you didn’t get trough the surface #edcmchat
  • Q2 & Q3: what about the beauty of failing several times in the same issue?  (including the digital artifact) #edcmchat
  • perfection is overrated @robeanne
  • @paolaiasci1 querer abarcarlo todo no es muy presuntuoso?
  • is the relation between the P2P univesity and edupunks the same as MOOCs and digital vikings?
  • are digital vikings the established version of edupunks? #edcmooc #edcmchat

Do you fancy watching it? Not long, only a few minutes…

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